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Paving and Driveways by A B BLOCK PAVING BLOCKPAVING & LANDSCAPING in Colchester

When you make your decision about paving your Colchester driveway, remember that you should take weather, cost of repair or replacement and wear and tear into consideration. No matter paving driveways under your belt, contact a professional at A B BLOCK PAVING BLOCKPAVING & LANDSCAPING today to get the job done well. A B BLOCK PAVING BLOCKPAVING & LANDSCAPING in Colchester is standing by to help you choose materials, and can properly protect and maintain your driveway. You can learn more about paving and driveways by A B BLOCK PAVING BLOCKPAVING & LANDSCAPING by calling 01206 763643.

What You Should Know About Paving Driveways

A paved driveway is both practical and improves the look of your home. The first decision to make is whether to have a solid or aggregate surface and the materials to use for each. Driveway design options in Colchester have become far more exotic, providing you with the chance to be even more creative with the look of your home. When making a decision like this, it is important to factor in cost, weather conditions and style of the surrounding architecture. Before choosing to pave your driveway, it is best to research the different paving methods.

Solid Surface Driveways

Solid surface paving refers to a single, seamless block of material being used to pave the driveway. Due to their popularity and affordability, concrete and asphalt are often used for this paving method. Solid surface paving and driveways provide all weather durability in Colchester. What you gain in practicality with this choice, you could lose when it comes to maintenance costs and appearance. There is always the distinct possibility that large and unsightly cracks will appear within the driveway, necessitating repaving with a new solid surface.

Paving and Driveways with an Aggregate Surface

Often with an aggregate surface, gravel or crushed stone is used to pave the driveway. It is possible, using this method, to simply repair one damaged area as opposed to the whole driveway. The disadvantages of paving your driveway with an aggregate surface include the difficulty of clearing snow or using other garden machinery on or near the surface. Another option to consider is combining both methods by filling an aggregate surface with concrete for your driveway in Colchester. Cobblestones and bricks are ideal materials for this hybrid option.

Alternative and Exotic Paving and Driveway Options

You can get creative and make a statement with your driveway by paving it using alternative modern and traditional design ideas. If your home is brick, you might want to consider using interlocking hexagonal, or other shape, bricks for your driveway. Concrete can be spiced up with the addition of colour pigments or patterns. Cobblestones offer both old-world appeal and great durability, though the initial cost can be considerable in Colchester. A designer driveway is distinctive for its customised paving stones, in handpicked colours and shapes, accented by personal touches such as a family crest or initials.